VoCore2: Hack the Wifi

Now, open the mystery wifi driver package, we will find two folders, one is build, another is src.

build folder contains two files, one is Kconfig and another is Makefile. The two are standard Linux kernel compile makefile, Kconfig normally used to embed itself to menuconfig and Makefile is used to tell linux compiler which files are necessary to compile the final model(mt7628.ko). More details about Kconfig and Makefile, you can check linux kernel documentation or buy a linux kernel beginner book 🙂

Let’s open Kconfig check what it support:

AP_SUPPORT: emm, I think it is the base function support for wifi AP.
WDS_SUPPORT: WDS, I do not need this, not making a router.
MBSS_SUPPORT: Its full name is MBSSID, ignore, just use default setting. 🙂 I guess this is something related to SSID.
APCLI_SUPPORT: AP + CLIENT mode, absolutely need this.
MAC_REPEATER_SUPPORT,CON_WPS_SUPPORT: …emm, not using yet, use default.
LLTD_SUPPORT: it says “Link Layer Topology Discovery Protocol”, link here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_Layer_Topology_Discovery
AIRPLAY_SUPPORT: not use at all.