Screen: hand solder driver board to customized board

Some DIYers complained it is pretty hard for hand solder the small screen driver board on their designed board. So I find a way for them easier hand solder screen driver board to their board.

On the screen driver board bottom, we have some test points which is used for test at production also for SMT the board to other customized board. It is not designed for hand solder. We need some tricky for hand solder.

We can design like this, add a oval hole on the PCB, size should be enough for the thin iron

Then we can directly solder through the hole to the pads. This way we do not need use pins or other connectors, low cost and simple. 🙂

Attach the position of the pads(KiCAD), one note is they are on the bottom side.

For mass production, I still recommend directly use SMT machine solder it. :p