VoCore2 + Bluetooth

Recently a lot of chip shortage, really makes me headache. 🙂

This is a bluetooth module works with VoCore2, it is based on CSR8510.

PS: Qualcomm is really a suck company. I can not get any documentation from them but have to find some leak ones online…

Lucky thing, this CSR8510 is almost working out of box. No idea what that EEPROM used to do, I just use an empty EEPROM, this device still work normally.

So connect it to VoCore2 USB host port, then remember install bluez-daemon in VoCore2, it just works.

We can use hciconfig / hciconfig hci0 to show this device.

And to make it work, call hciconfig hci0 up

Or scan nearby device by hcitool scan

Or ping the nearby device to make sure everything is normal: l2ping xx:xx:xx:C1:58:C2

Finally. here it is 🙂

the little device 🙂