Monthly Archives: February 2024

VoCore2: OpenWrt 23.05

It is pretty straight to use OpenWrt 23.05. It works very smoothly. If you do not need to customize such as default IP, WiFi default enable, almost do not need to patch anything.

  • WiFi — works normal, 72Mbps for one antenna.
  • Ethernet — works normal, 100Mbps.
  • USB 2.0 — works normal.
  • SD card — works normal, need to patch dts.
  • Sound — need to check.

note: patch sdcard, add the following code to end of mt7628an_vocore2.dts

&sdhci {
        status = "okay";

PS: download feeds is very slow for openwrt, maybe it is because its source code do not add –depth 1. Patch ./scripts/feeds:157, add depth 1 to init_commit, after that, feed update speed increase 10 times. Or directly download from openwrt feeds, then move to openwrt/feeds folder then call ./script/feeds install -a

VoCore2: PoE upgrade

Current VoCore2 PoE version is based on MAX5987AETE, which has become too expensive and can no longer be afforded. Since last year, we have been searching for a new solution, but finding one with low power consumption and smaller size has proven to be difficult. After considering various options, the best balance solution for VoCore2 Ultimate + PoE was ultimately chosen.

The new solution is superior to the MAX5987AETE solution in most aspects, as it significantly reduces heat and allows for greater power delivery to devices. Additionally, this new solution simplifies the bill of materials (BOM) while maintaining a cost that is only one-third of the 5987 solution’s price.

Due to the reduced costs associated with this new solution, we are pleased to announce that the VoCore2 Ultimate + PoE’s price has been lowered from $44.98 to just $29.98, new version will start to ship after Chinese New Year.

The new version PoE also open source, have fun. 🙂