VoCore: Alpha Version 3

Good news 🙂
Finally I find the real problem…Thank you for everyone help!!!
I have fixed three boards, so I think 99% chance I get this bug.
It is very late day, I will public it tomorrow afternoon. Keep that as a secret for couple hours. 😀

And tomorrow daylight I need to contact the factory first, ask if they can fix the 300 pcs for me. If not, that will be a little trick for new hand of iron/hot air gun.

This indiegogo campaign makes me carries too much…For 2K more contributors, I can not afford any mistake. After this I will/must have a big rest. 😀 😀 😀

One thought on “VoCore: Alpha Version 3

  1. joyhope


    Wait for the secret public. It is a good lesson for us.

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