VoCore: Simple Start Tutorial 1


1. VoCore
2. 18650 battery(Li)
3. Two wires

18650 battery voltage should be higher than 3.60V.

Step 1:
Connect the wire to VoCore.

Step 2:
Connect the wire to battery

Step 3:
It works

Step 4:
Wait about 30 second, you will find VoCore in your wifi AP list.
Connect to it.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.38.33 pm

Step 5:
ssh root@, password: vocore
Now you are ready to use it.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.39.06 pm

1. VoCore need a very stable input power, or it will fail to boot. (I found when the wifi start up, the momentary current is high, about 350mA~400mA, so if the input power do not have such ability to supply, it will reboot)
2. I use tape to make GND touch the battery negative pole, that is not a good idea, just temp solution, better to use a battery holder, and solder wire to it, to make sure it is well connected.

2 thoughts on “VoCore: Simple Start Tutorial 1

  1. taki

    Couldn’t stop smiling when I saw your tutorial. Tape is holding the universe together 😉

  2. joyhope

    In this solution, I think the USB in docker is unable to work. There is no 5V. Am I right?

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