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MicroSD is So Big…


Now I am on the new version of dock. It is the first time I find microSD is that big for VoCore Dock…

No free place…Where can I place you, tiny SD card? Maybe a SPI camera(if this thing exists) is a better choice. 😀

Any good idea? Please leave a comment.

VoCore: New Layout

This one should be much better. Move GND from bottom right corner to bottom left corner…So GPIO14, GPIO15 will not fight, and cover one GND is not a big deal.

Looks like move a pin is petty easy… But it is not. 😀vocore.beta

VoCore: OpenWrt Patch

I made it easy 🙂 Most part are copied from Poray X8. Some uci config are really hard to understand, have to read code.

Patch for VoCore. I am new to make patch, not sure how to add new file to patch…hope this patch is in right format.

Two new created files:

path: openwrt/target/linux/ramips/dts/
path: openwrt/target/linux/ramips/rt305x/profiles

Then delete tmp folder under openwrt, then run make menuconfig, VOCORE will be appear there.

And to use it as a module, you’d better change “Image configuration”->”Preinit configration options” -> IP address for preinit network messages(, and Boardcast address for preinit network messages to (

Any idea about this openwrt config is welcome, I am new to that. Please leave a comment. 🙂

This is better, if my way is not working, please try this. Thank you, Markus Z 🙂

VoCore: Alpha Test

Next monday I will go to ShenZhen factory to make about 300pieces VoCore. Its PCB is ready. I will upload some photos of the PCB once my friend WuTong at ShenZhen get it. 🙂

This alpha version did not export SPI yet. Beta version will be almost same as final release version, still need about six weeks.

VoCore: USB Test

These days I am working on PayPal, they limited my account…Hope this thing be solved soon.

Someone said I will cost 20% on develop and 80% on other mess things, now I know he is absolutely right 😀

This is my USB test platform, looks like I make a mistake on the first version of dock, USB can not work, so I have to make this ugly thing 😀IMG_20140604_135837 Lucky me, everything works normal. vocore.usb   in /dev/ the sda node appears, next, I need to mount it to system, then I can read/write the USB disk. But my USB disk is ExFAT format, and I did not compile that support to VoCore firmware, so need some more work. vocore.sda Time for lunch. 🙂

About MT7688 & MT7681

I get a news from some website. It said MTK will public MT7688 which has embedded 256MB(or 256Mb?) memory, power consume will be cut to 40% about later 2014.

It will be expansive to embed memory on the chip…This will become an magic chip for hobbyist, just pray for the price lower, lower, lower…

Anyway, this will not effect current VoCore, if I use it to make a smaller VoCore but cost much more than raspberrypi+wifi, that is useless. And new chip will always have tons of bug, at least two years for the stable, I do not want to be the little white rat. 😀

VoCore: SPI or not?

The three days I am working on SPI. It is a little hard to route, but I added SPI interface to the pins finally.



The upper shows the SPI pins export map. The advantage of this version is all GPIOs(it is real, all 28 GPIOs have exported), and SPI interface is exported too.

The disadvantage is GPIO14, GPIO15 are too near each other, if you solder a connector to GPIO15, it might cover some of GPIO14.

I have tried many ways to make the two GPIOs to be together peacefully, but looks like there is no prefect solution.

If you have any good idea about this, please leave a comment. 🙂