VoCore2: Hack the Driver

Current VoCore2 default are using a blob wifi driver from link-it. So it is not very stable sometimes. Recently I just find MTK OPENWRT source code online and find there is an open-sourced wifi driver just in the dl folder, which is tested to be very stable. ­čÖé Wahaha, let start the hack!!

Here is the clone of the source:  http://vonger.cn/misc/vocore2/mt7628-p4rev-113862.tar.bz2 (I find it by searching baidu(link here: http://www.openwrtdl.com/wordpress/mt76xx-p4rev%E7%B3%BB%E5%88%97%E4%B8%8B%E8%BD%BD), do not know wether or not ralink intent to public this, if not, please email to support@vocore.io. I will delete it. This source is only for study. )

I will spend hours on this driver everyday, and will show what I find on my blog. :p