VoCore v1.0 Dock Features


The dock features are confirmed.

1. USB(5V power).
2. USB 2.0 host.
3. RJ45 with protection and two GPIO controlled LED.
4. Micro SD card(TF Card) slot.
5. Two 2.0mm screws hole.

All tests are passed 🙂

The small dock is used to make the tiniest DIY router(29.0 x 27.0 x 21.4mm), it is not a breakout board…someone said my breakout board is ridiculous, now I can tell him, he made a mistake. 😀 That is never my real target from beginning.(but anyway, it can be used as a breakout board if you want 🙂 )

Really thank for my friend Zhiwei De 🙂 We will provide the 3D printer plastic shell blueprint later, then a very small router with SD card slot is born(and it can be used same function as PirateBox but a little more portable and more functions)

4 thoughts on “VoCore v1.0 Dock Features

  1. orbitaudio

    Awesome work! Can you upload some pictures (front and back) of the v1.0 Dock board once you’ve got them?

    1. vonger Post author

      Of course, now the PCB is in factory, will upload some once I get them.

  2. glasermeister

    Looking great, congratulations! Will there be an alpha test of the dock as well / can the alpha testers buy a dock? Or is the pinout changed re the SPI bus?

    1. vonger Post author

      Alpha is the different pins…The final dock is not compatible.

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