Screen: MPRO firmware hotfix 3

Recently some MPRO samples had reported random disconnect sometimes or can not detect at all.

After some investigation and testing, it is confirmed that it is not a software issue, but two possible problems, which are highly related to USB cables and PC USB voltage leak. The first problem is normally caused by the USB cable not matching the 90-ohm impedance standard, so the USB data quality is very poor, resulting in instability for long cables. The second problem is that some PC power supplies are not well shielded, and for long USB cables used for simracing, they act like antennas, receiving much more noise than the short cables inside the PC, causing the screen to not work normally or even worse, breaking the screen.

´╗┐In the market, it is difficult to find high-quality USB cables. Therefore, for future MPRO samples, we will consider providing a suitable USB cable with better performance and reliability.

One more thing, MPro version currently do not support USB-TYPEC <=> USB-TYPEC cables, only support USB-TYPEA <=> USB-TYPEC cable or USB-TYPEA <=> microUSB + USB-TYPEC adaptor, later we will consider support USB-TYPEC <=> USB-TYPEC.