VoCore: Change to IPX Socket

This is some NG(not good) boards from factory, in fact, they just lose antenna, no other issue, easy to fix.
I upgrade some into IPX socket. Very easy, and looks like wifi signal is better than the blue antenna. Of course the IPX antenna is much bigger 🙂
PS: I do not know the exactly name of such socket, just watch the picture.

(The PCB board is not washed after the fix)

Big picture:

How to make that? Very easy.
The GND connect to the golden pad in the orange rectangle; the feed pad connect to the green point, then it works.

Better to use some glue, two pads are not that stable.

5 thoughts on “VoCore: Change to IPX Socket

  1. WS_RedWolf

    Will these boards with the IPX connection be for sale? And will they work with the dock?

    1. vonger Post author

      Of course it work with dock, but we do not have IPX socket in pack, this is just show you how to hack it 🙂

      1. WS_RedWolf

        I think I will need to get some IPX sockets then… and one of the NG boards.

        1. vonger Post author

          🙂 Just get off the blue antenna and get the IPX socket on, do not need NG board.

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