VoCore Alpha Fix Video

Here is the video:

This is only for alpha, release version do not need such fix 🙂
Thanks for my teammate WuTong, this video looks so professional. And special thanks for my friend Alex helped to make this video.

Some notes from WuTong:

1. Better to have a tip iron, that will help a lot.

2. Better to have this tool to keep it in position.

3. Better to have a light.

PS: in the package there are are some resistors, four 154Kohm and four 158ohm, those are useless now, just ignore them.

5 thoughts on “VoCore Alpha Fix Video

  1. avrkris

    Hi. Just got my samples. I fixed the component as per your video. I can see the ssid, I can log in and ssh to the device… all looks good but … I’ve noticed the device gets quite warm when running … is this expected ? BTW I run the power from 5V – USB.

    1. vongervonger Post author

      That should be normal, it will reach about 60C then keep to that degree.
      I have tested it worked over 80C for several days.

  2. fuho

    I picked up the board from the post office today, it was a nice surprise 🙂
    As soo nas i got home I resoldered the capacitor and I have t say it might have been the smallest part I have ever soldered. The hot air gun kept blwing it off the board when trying to reattach it, even on lowest speed!

    I also managed to lock myself out of it already, I set it up to conenct as client to my wifi but it doesn’t take IP for some reason, not sure what I will do next.

    But I just wanted to say thanks, the board looks great. Even though it does get really hot as avrkris mentioned. And it takes a lot of juice too, mine was sucking 270mA @3.5V

  3. vongervonger Post author

    And the dock is metal, can be used as heat sink, as I current test, with heat sink, it will be 10~20C lower than without it.

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