VoCore: Alpha Version 5



An ugly fix from me 🙂

PS: If you have additional 0402 27pF(> 6.3V, 10%), solder it to the position should be OK too, do not have to move/remove the old 27pF.

6 thoughts on “VoCore: Alpha Version 5

  1. George Boudreau

    Version 0.5 had a connector for an external antenna but the 1.0a does not. Will the production card have the connection for the external antenna

    thanks for the great work.

    1. vongervonger Post author

      v1.0 version removed the IPX antenna, due to most people are hard to get IPX antenna. And two antennas are hard to layout, from v0.5, the IPX antenna signal is not good(hard to match impedance for that small area)
      But the antenna feed point is opened, if you want to use IPX antenna, just remove the on board antenna and put a IPX on, that should be easy.

  2. peluzza

    It would be great a tutorial showing how to remove the capacitor to a new position, i guess it’s not profitable to buy 100pc lot (at least) just to use one of them 😉

  3. George Boudreau

    Too bad about external antenna the u.FL to SMA cables is easy to acquire. Only have the local antenna will mean the board cannot be housed in a metal enclosure. 🙁

    1. vongervonger Post author

      Ha, do not worry about that.
      I have considered a solution, a adaptor PCB to convert on board to IPX,
      Just need some simple solder, remove the on board antenna and solder the PCB to the VoCore.

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