VoCore2: Update

First, we made four versions of beta version, it is in PCB factory now. In beta version we want to pick the best performance one.

The busy days has passed finally. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.08.56

And also the new site mockup, its backend are totally machine..

Last, new VoCore2+Dock ready, photo will come soon. It contains audio, tf card slot, ethernet, usb, usb2ttl on board, but just same size as current VoCore+Dock.
We also plan to make another ‘super’ version, add a 320×240 screen to it, able to run dosbox. 🙂

PS: sorry for the junk post in the forum…I must click ‘approve’ instead of ‘disapprove’ by mistake T-T

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