VoCore: StarterKit Breakout Board

VoCore breakout board will have such features:

1. two ethernet ports.
2. jtag port, 2.54mm pins, with 10k ohm pull up resistors.
3. gpio port, 2.54mm pins, with 4.7k ohm pull up resistors.(some for boot stripe has pull down)
4. reset button.(with 4.7k ohm pull up)
5. spi port, 2.54mm pins.
6. micro USB power in.
7. uart full port, 2.54mm pins.
8. usb 2.0.
9. size about 6cm x 4cm

consider to add to this breakout board:
1. arduino chip and pins export.
2. on board usb2ttl chip.

Former layout:

3 thoughts on “VoCore: StarterKit Breakout Board

  1. brandonhead

    Well, I will suggest a much more simple one – a breakout board just with 2.54mm pins interfacing gpio,i2c,spi,jtag, usb, uart, lan ports and micro USB power in. That will make more flexible to different applications (e.g some applications will not like the big USB and LAN sockets). And I guess it will be much lower cost. More people will be able to afford and buy it.

  2. brandonhead

    Forgot one point – few 3.3v and 5v power outputs too. That will be very useful to power up some sensors and imu.

  3. WS_RedWolfWS_RedWolf

    This actually is more towards my solar powered router project. I will have to get one as well, and hope there’s a ground/5V0 header.

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