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VoCore: Simple Start Tutorial 1


1. VoCore
2. 18650 battery(Li)
3. Two wires

18650 battery voltage should be higher than 3.60V.

Step 1:
Connect the wire to VoCore.

Step 2:
Connect the wire to battery

Step 3:
It works

Step 4:
Wait about 30 second, you will find VoCore in your wifi AP list.
Connect to it.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.38.33 pm

Step 5:
ssh root@, password: vocore
Now you are ready to use it.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.39.06 pm

1. VoCore need a very stable input power, or it will fail to boot. (I found when the wifi start up, the momentary current is high, about 350mA~400mA, so if the input power do not have such ability to supply, it will reboot)
2. I use tape to make GND touch the battery negative pole, that is not a good idea, just temp solution, better to use a battery holder, and solder wire to it, to make sure it is well connected.

VoCore: Mountain of Packages, moved

This should be the final step of the indiegogo campaign. Just record what is happening from last week.
Not that smoothly as always. 🙂

1. Post office package the packages takes 3 days
I thought that should be all of the shipment, so I make an update on indiegogo.
Just put them into bags, and put the connectors with the items together.

2. Post office tag the packages takes 3 days
We have the trace id, but in fact, the package still in post office.
Every package be weighed, also check the address, pick out the one have special characters.

3. Post office input the trace id into their system takes 2 days.
Finally I get the trace information, the package are shipped.
I have checked some of the package, all have information already, so I just make another update yesterday, that is the trouble comes 🙂 I get tons of email about the trace id still no information(The post office still not make all the package information online) and someone complains vocore.io/store need password to login, also some warm heart emails, really appreciate for that, I can not reply one by one but I have read them all.

Ye, after that, I remember I am sending email to thousands of people…I do not dare to use that update anymore 🙂

(Email should input into the red box, some browsers might not compatible, due to this part I write by C++ for faster speed)
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.12.32 am

At least VoCore are shipped almost in time(how stupid I am, I thought I can ship them earlier, this is true: it is always hard to do than think)
I also take a look on other indiegogo campaign, do not how much stress they are taking, some of them delayed almost a year…