VoCore Based on RT5350F Start Today

This month I spend all my free time on a cheap router chip named RT5350F. It is only 9RMB(1.5USD). OpenWrt and LUCI have already supported that, so the software part will be easy. For current hardware solution from ShenZhen, the smallest board is about 40mm x 30mm. I hope to make a smaller one about 26mm * 28mm, then maybe I am able to make a very very small router but with full function at 30mm * 30mm * 20mm. That will be the smallest router on the earth. XD

If everything moves smoothly,  the first test board should be shipped to me Jan.10 2014. Once the test is done, all PCB and SCH will be open to public. I am a software engineer, hopefully my first “open sourced” hardware will have a good ending.

To make the dream come true I must start work now 🙂

PS: I am thinking of writing my blog in English or Chinese. Finally I decide to write it in English, because my future develop might help more people from all over the world.