VoCore2: Video Tutorial Plan

1. Control LED
Control the on board purple LED, light/dark.
2. Light Sensor & Temperature Sensor
Read from a light sensor and temperature sensor, get environment parameters from sensor.
3. VPN Router(OpenVPN/Tor)
Create a VPN based on OpenVPN/Tor, secure your network.
4. File Share Server
Create your home file share server.
5. Wireless Camera
Control and monitor thought a camera.
6. Remote Digit Camera Control
Remote control a digit camera, you can capture photo remote.
7. Wireless Printer
Remote control a printer, no more USB wire or ethernet wire.

We already have two video tutorials on youtube(search the magic word “VoCore2”):

1. Setup PPPoE, use VoCore2 as a normal router.
2. Use VoCore2 as an Airplay device to play music.

You will know how powerful VoCore2 is and what a real technical team can do!

Please continue help us share to makers/social media/press, if our indiegogo project could reach 100K USD everybody will get a secret gift. 🙂

PS: really busy recently :”)