Why are we using the White PCB?

Many curious people have asked me such question (PS: we did not kill any cat yet). This is always a little secret of VoCore, but today I will talk. It is not only about its looks better, also it is part of quality control.

PCB mainly has six colors, green, blue, red, yellow, white, black. (the truth is you can choose any RGB 24bits color you like, somebody even choose purple)

Most of the factories love black and green, that is because the first pass yield around 95% ~ 98%, the not good ones will send back to workers and repair, during the repairing, the pcb boards have to be heated to 260C again, green and black pcb is good but white pcb will change to light yellow one.

Most repaired ones are good, but the quality might come low. Sn after heat and heat again will partly become SnO2, SnO2 is not conductor and have a high chance broken the connection.

So we decide we only ship the first pass VoCore to users, and use white PCB to make it easy to check every VoCore we shipped is first class quality.

PS: another fact is I am lazy, keep them 100% good rate so I can have more time on bed but not shipping the packages again and again. :p