VoCore2: New Features

Coming soon, this June 🙂

## Interfaces:

1. export all GPIOs. (around 30)
2. export 3x UARTs.
3. export 1x I2C.
4. export 1x I2S.
5. export 1x reference clock.
6. export 1x USB 2.0.
7. export 1x PCIe 1.1
8. export 1x high speed SPI (max to 40Mbps)
9. export 2x antenna (UL.F) for 802.11n (max to 300Mbps)
10. input 3.6~6.0V, output 1.8V, 3.3V.
11. export 2x 10/100 ethernet port.
12. export 1x SDXC (allow high speed SD/TF card)
13. export 1x SPI slave
14. export 2x PWM (hardware PWM)

## Parameters:

* CPU: 580MHz MIPS.
* RAM: 64MB/128MB.(two versions, bigger memory special for who love python 🙂 )
* NORMAL POWER CONSUME: 74mA/5V (wifi on, no data transfer)
* PEAK POWER CONSUME: 233mA/5V (max speed cpu and wireless)

## Compare with VoCore v1.0:

* faster cpu speed.
* bigger RAM.
* lower power consume.
* better wifi signal.
* more interfaces.

We are busy on preparing the mass production, fixing & updating necessary drivers; preorder chips; prepare test process for factory; product the beta version…etc, many works left to do.
Planing stop making VoCore at May, focus on better version VoCore2.
Once June released the mass production, we will focus on software part. Anyway, VoCore is always a geek’s toy.