VoCore: How about to make a small wireless audio player?

Just made a simple test on the wireless audio module 🙂
It is so easy to enhance VoCore to control a headphone.

Let me tell you how easy it is: just connect I2S to the DAC chip, then connect speaker to the DAC chip, that’s all!

So I have an idea…
How about make the world smallest wireless speaker?

I have a Nokia Play 360, not that portable…it use bluetooth to transfer data, that audio quality is not good enough(if you always hear pure CD quality music, you will know how bad the bluetooth speaker). So I have to take it with a wire everywhere.(in fact, I did not take it everywhere except from kitchen to bedroom)

If we make a little cube(mini play 360?), contains 2000mA battery(enough for play 6~8 hours!)… Emm, that might be very cool!

Surround Stereo…5.1, just use wireless connect all of them without a single wire. Maybe this is a solution? 5.1 = 6 x 44.1KHz, 16bits = 8.4Mbps, wireless is far enough for this.

🙂 But if we want the best audio quality, an audio profession is necessary, this must be a team work.

6 thoughts on “VoCore: How about to make a small wireless audio player?

  1. pepe2k

    1. EDUP EP-3709
    2. AirMobi iReceiver
    3. USR-S12/HF-S12/CUhead Pro

    1. Beep (Carambola 2)
    2. VEIDIA VDW002A
    3. Airmusic NW11
    4. Wi-Fi Audio Receiver A900

    So… excluding Beep, all of them are ~25 USD (worldwide shipping included). Are you able to make it better, in lower price? 🙂 If not… don’t waste your time on that. That’s my opinion.

      1. pepe2k

        Sorry 😉

        Really, there are already dozen of that kind of products, in different shapes (portable, with wall plug, with optical output, with USB, with Ethernet, etc.), both on Atheros and Ralink SoCs. IMHO, there is no need to make another one. Especially if you want to make it on the same SoC, with same functionalities.

  2. bettocr

    I think the experience in creating it yourself regardless of market prices exist options is best to do a project.

    I was able to say as they are made.

    1. vongervonger Post author

      🙂 Ye, it is.
      I will make one of mine anyway. Add a module to VoCore, so user can easily expand their VoCore to a wireless audio module.

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