VoCore meet Edison in Beijing Maker Space

Yesterday I have been to Beijing Make(r) Space, find Edison there 🙂

Here is some photo compare VoCore with Edison.


VoCore is much smaller 🙂


This bottom interface is rather not that friendly to hobbyist, if I only have the $50 Edison, I can not use it at all. That slot is hard to buy from everywhere, lol, compare to that, seems VoCore’s 1.27mm connectors are much easy to get. 🙂 That is not the point, at least, I can solder wire to the 1.27mm holes, but I have no idea how to use Edison without its $79(?) breakout board.

Emm, I am a little disappoint. Last year, I was thinking Intel must making some wonderful thing, but the final result is just so so.

5 thoughts on “VoCore meet Edison in Beijing Maker Space

  1. brandonhead

    vocore small that’s good, but it’s also bad because it’s harder to solder, I believe some people (at least myself) will not mind if it ‘s a bit larger with biggest pin holes and usb socket for the input power. Will you consider to design a version of that?

    1. vongervonger Post author

      That is not a big issue. Trust me, Just need couple hours practice.

      1. brandonhead

        I found this http://i.imgur.com/Tavygor.jpg in the forum. It is a good illustration. I meant eventually you need another board for the small pins to face external stuff. So what is the point to make it so small and causing inconvenience for making an application. If vocore is produced giving pins instead of pin holes it will give customers a lot of easier.

        1. vongervonger Post author

          Thank you for the suggestion 🙂 I will think a way to improve it in next version.

          1. brandonhead

            great! vocore individually is useless, vocore in application is king.

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