Beginner: OpenWrt 18.06 stable version 5

Final puzzle piece for the firmware, the sound.

I spend some time to clean up my last patch, its works perfect now.

It is still all in

patch openwrt first to enable sound setting in DTS(default it is off), and 810 patch is for linux kernel sound driver.

patch -p1 < ./package/kernel/es8388/openwrt/000-*.patch
cp ./package/kernel/es8388/openwrt/810*.patch ./target/linux/ramips/patches-4.14

note: this patch require patch ./package/kernel/mt7628/openwrt/000-vocore2-compatible.patch first.

In make menuconfig, Kernel modules -> Sound Support -> select kmod-sound-corec then kmod-sound-mt7628.
After you make again, now you have a perfect firmware for VoCore2 Ultimate, also very tiny, around 4096KB.