VoCore2: USB Device Develop 2

Actually the bug is easy to fix. URB can not use buffer alloced in stack, that cause the driver broken…

So fix that driver is super simple, remove that line: u8 buf[6] = {…};, and replace with u8 *buf; buf = kzalloc(8, GPF_KERNEL); everything will work.

After this simple fix, now I have make fbcon works on VoCore2 and its small display.
Here is the picture:

This driver will map /dev/fb0 and we can easily control it as framebuffer, fbcon need to select from kernel, then it will automatically bind to /dev/tty0. We can use command “/bin/ash –login > /dev/tty0 2>&1” to redirect serial port input/output to the display.

After that, we can get output from the little display.

Next blog, I will try to make it easy to use and public every steps of how to use it.
Later I will public most of its source code to help you easy hack 🙂

attach youtube video https://youtu.be/w98_JvtTgqo, smooth like baby skin. 😉

PS: another best thing is CPU usage is 0%