VoCore2 Screen: new firmware

After many weeks struggle, finally I finish the new firmware for the screen, this new firmware mainly improve the boot up speed of the screen, old one takes six seconds, new ones less than one. Also add control function to modify backlight strength and support 8bit/16bit/24bit pixel format.

Based on this firmware, now we can have:

1. Linux text console which is based on frame buffer 16bit or 32bit, old firmware only support 24bit.

2. super smooth games from GBA, NES, GEONEO. We support 8bit mode, now we have more CPU for game logic but not for screen data transfer.

3. smooth games from DOS. DOS games such as DOOM will be faster, such game 12fps is playable, new firmware will make it at least 15fps.

4. control rotate the screen, backlight.

The main optimize is for VoCore2 or other embed device with USB port but no display port such as HDMI. This solution will greatly save cost. For example, a chip with display port normally is over 5USD, it is not included DDR and flash yet, full solution with wifi, ethernet should be around 35USD, a screen with HDMI is around 25USD. So mass production is 60USD/pcs 10K unit.

For VoCore2 solution, only 33.99 + 17.99 = 52USD, this is just sample price! 🙂 mass production(1K unit) normally have 40% discount, totally cost should be around 30USD, only half!

What you will get for 30USD? 580MHz Linux based computer + 5 x 100Mbps ethernet + 150Mbps wifi + smooth UI display. It is fit for the control system, education toy solution for kids, also a good replace STM32 or RaspberryPi.

Linux console driver will be released in next week, need more hard work, I am enjoying it 🙂