VoCore2: Port mt7628.ko to LuCI

This will be a long journey…
LuCI should be the most easy way to setting router.

I will study from start, try to learn how uci system works and how LuCI works with current openwrt system.

I know something about C/C++, maybe RF, PCB layout or even physics, but I am absolutely a noob of script especially bash.

Lucky me, 50% UCI system is based on shell script. 🙂 So I have a chance to learn it.

For wifi turn on or turn off, all I know is the magic command “wifi”, so what is it?

I find it actually a script, its path can be found by call “which wifi”

interface code of /sbin/wifi

case "$1" in
	down) wifi_updown "disable" "$2";;
	detect) wifi_detect_notice ;;
	config) wifi_config ;;
	status) ubus_wifi_cmd "status" "$2";;
	reload) wifi_reload "$2";;
	reload_legacy) wifi_reload_legacy "$2";;
	--help|help) usage;;
	*) ubus call network reload; wifi_updown "enable" "$2";;

After couple of hours painful decode wifi script, looks like once we call wifi, it will goto ‘*) ubus call network reload; wifi_updown “enable” “$2”;;

I reach a dead end at the beginning. What is this “ubus call network reload”? Is it an important part of uci system? I directly run it in command line, nothing happens…OK, ignore it.

PS: That’s why I hate script, you will be very hard to find what it is exactly doing.

Next it is “wifi_updown enable”. Good name, from its name I know it is able to control enable/disable wifi.

_wifi_updown() {
	for device in ${2:-$DEVICES}; do (
		config_get disabled "$device" disabled
		[ "$disabled" = "1" ] && {
			echo "'$device' is disabled"
			set disable
		config_get iftype "$device" type
		if eval "type ${1}_$iftype" 2>/dev/null >/dev/null; then
			eval "scan_$iftype '$device'"
			eval "${1}_$iftype '$device'" || echo "$device($iftype): ${1} failed"
		elif [ ! -f /lib/netifd/wireless/$iftype.sh ]; then
			echo "$device($iftype): Interface type not supported"
	); done

wifi_updown() {
	[ enable = "$1" ] && {
		_wifi_updown disable "$2"
		ubus_wifi_cmd "$cmd" "$2"
	ubus_wifi_cmd "$cmd" "$2"
	_wifi_updown "$@"

$DEVICE, this should come from scan_wifi.

wifi script it will read /lib/wifi/mt7628.sh, and once we run wifi, it will call function in mt7628.sh, scan_mt7628/enable_mt7628/disable_mt7628 and all the parameters are from /etc/config/wireless.

To Be Continue…

One thought on “VoCore2: Port mt7628.ko to LuCI

  1. susanin


    To see what is going on:

    either run script with flag -x, eg: bash -x /path/to/script
    either edit script and add somewhere (after first line): set -x (to disable – set +x)

    in my scripts i put something like this:

    [ -n “$DEBUG” ] && set -x

    Then, run script:

    $ DEBUG=1 /path/to.my/script

    There is also “set -v” – it will show you script lines before they processed, usually useful if you have syntax error

    hope this helps!


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