VoCore2: Port mt7628.ko for Linux 4.14 Part2

I have upload source code of uictx to github: https://github.com/Vonger/uictx.git, and also mt7628 driver.
So you can make your own latest version of openwrt now.

PS: please help me do a homework 🙂

1. use it as a OpenWRT feeds, so people do not have to manually do the compile.

2. combine the api to UCI, so we can use UCI and /etc/config/wireless to control the wifi.

Feel free to submit patch.

Note: my last firmware 20180419.bin have some log like this:

[  108.175895] mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising MMC card
[  108.263953] mtk-sd 10130000.sdhci: no support for card's volts

This is because you do not have SD card hardware. We have two ways, one call “rmmod mtk_sd” in console.

Another, use this firmware :p

md5: 41fc7dfb02bd183de8a520ad146a65b8

I added shellinabox to this firmware, so you can directly access to console without using ssh or putty. Open

Or third way, compile your own firmware without mtk_sd.

Happy hacking!!