VoCore2: UI Library 3

OK, littlevgl is working pretty well. 🙂
We should disable tab animate, that is really laggy.

4 thoughts on “VoCore2: UI Library 3

  1. rkk

    Hi Vonger,

    I’m still trying to install your propietary mt7628.ko driver (http://vonger.cn/?p=14366) on my Vocore 2 Lite, but it still doesn’t work.

    I installed wireless-tools_29-5_mipsel_24kc.ipk, I put the mt7628.dat and version into /etc/wireless/mt7628/mt7628.dat, and finally install with insmod mt7628.ko (From folder /root). And then the kernel panic happens. (Here is the Kernel Panic log: https://justpaste.it/1hrt8 )

    Can you please guide me how to install the driver properly? Does it even work on Vocore 2 Lite? Is it possible for you to make a LEDE image for Vocore 2 Lite with mt7628.ko already installed?

    1. rkk

      BTW.. I just noticed. The Vocore 2 Lite has a MT7688AN CPU and not a MT7628AN CPU like the normal Vocore 2 has. So I guess that mt7628.ko won’t work on a MT7688AN CPU? Is a MT7688.ko required, or should mt7628.ko work?

      1. vongervonger Post author

        It should work, they are compatible, only memory size is different.

    2. vongervonger Post author

      I see, you are using Lite version, I did not test on it yet. But I have put it to my plan, I will make one in next week, I promise. 🙂
      Please also post on forum.vocore.io, I did not always read my blog reply.

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