VoCore2 USB Screen Part1

First Merry Christmas! We do not have Christmas but still happy, anyway New Year is coming.

Finally I have chance get back to develop the screen.

PS: this two weeks I am busy on take care of my baby. That should be one of the most hard work in the world.

This is the new board I assemble manually.

Of course it is very small, I like small board 🙂

But today is not my lucky day, nothing works on this board, USB is not working, even the LCD backlight is not working either.

LCD = data + backlight, data from USB, and backlight from onboard boost DCDC powered by 5V.

Hopefully tomorrow once I wake up, the old Santa man have already fixed it.

One thought on “VoCore2 USB Screen Part1

  1. WS_RedWolfWS_RedWolf

    LCD over USB? Will we need to send video in raw format?

    Or can we update the driver chip on it to speed up video? That way, we can program our native GPU’s to send the video in highly compressed format to the LCD driver chip.

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