VoCore2: Connect to SPI Screen 4

Now the LCD works 🙂

I change CPOL/CHPA from mode 0 to mode 3, that SPI wave shape is correct now.

Also finish a simple app to drive the TFT, refresh full screen from red/green/blue pixel by pixel. Download source code here: tft.c

From my test, the LCD screen max speed is around 3.8MHz (speed=49), can not reach 6MHz, that’s bad news. We can not use it as a game display but only for low frame rate usage — such as digital photo display, display 480×320 picture will take around 1~2 seconds.

Here is the real time video:

I called the following command in this video(tft is compiled from the source):

tft r 49
tft g 49
tft b 49

Power consume is 5V 0.21~0.23A, a little more than 1 watt, 10000mAh battery should make it last over 30 hours. 🙂

Next blog I will update the source code a little to make it display some real photos.