VoCore: Mass Production 5

Now, looks like everything is back to normal, all parts are ready now.
This is the ship time update:
If no big issue again, VoCore will be in SMT line about this Wednesday.
SMT will be done about this Sat, then test will take 3~4 work days.
Sep.30~Oct.6, the seven days is China National Day, so factory will not do any work.
Today will prepare the early bird ship.(early bird with dock will ship with the composed batch).
Oct.7 will ship the VoCore without dock.
VoCore + Dock(solder the pins, compose VoCore & Dock, package and test) will take about 5~7 work days.
So composed VoCore + Dock will ship about Oct.13~Oct.17.

6 thoughts on “VoCore: Mass Production 5

  1. goforvocore

    Congratulations on you for this tiny tool and the success finishing!!! It looks like the smallest Linuxcomputer with open hardware at the moment. 3 questions:
    a) Does “no DIY”-Dock means that it has electronic parts soldered AND the connectors to vocore too? Background is that I want to use another stackorder with own connectors (Arduinolike stackable, so Dock could be used temporarely => saves power). So “no DIY” without soldered conn. would suit best.
    b) Could you give a permanent option for 16MB Flash?
    c) Because Indiegogo is closed – where can we order your tiny tools?
    Greetings from Germany

    1. vongervonger Post author

      a) DIY only soldered the SMT parts, non-DIY, soldered all parts include main board pins, it is a small router core.
      b) Ye, for final release version, all VoCore upgrade to 16MB(due to 8MB flashes are sold out…)
      c) Please mail to vonger@live.com.

  2. Pyrofer

    Hi, Got my alpha running well now and having fun trying to make openwrt do what I want 🙂
    I have managed to get streaming webcams and GPIO running and I can’t wait for the finished version with more flash 🙂

    Is it possible to get a dock for the Alpha boards?

    1. vongervonger Post author

      Hi, there is no dock for alpha, due to export spi interface changed the export pins. 🙂

  3. WS_RedWolfWS_RedWolf

    Will those who ordered the VoCore+DIY Dock ship Oct 7th or Oct 13th to 17th?

    1. vongervonger Post author

      Hi, the package only have main board without dock will send Oct 7th. Rest 13th~17th

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