VoCore: Mass Production 3

Bad news and good news.

Bad news first: The factory get wrong chip type…I need W25Q64FVTIM(3.3V) but they get W25Q64??TIM(1.8V). The engineer find that when they count the chips…And even worse, all W25Q64FVTIM has sold out(I think winbond should thank to my ‘ advertisement’, due to last half year, nobody buy that chip) Next batch of chips have to wait at least four weeks. That means the ship time will be next month.

I hate Murphy’s theorem :'( There are a lot of people waiting, I can not hold…

Good news: There are some W25Q128FVTIM in store, at least enough for my first batch 🙂 All indiegogo VoCores will upgrade to that chip, means the flash is upgrade from 8MB to 16MB, free. And for Limited version without dock, will have a free DIY dock; Limited Version with dock will have a free shell(made by 3D printer).

Sorry for the delay, hope everyone have a happy day. 🙂

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