VoCore: Manual

view or download manual here(7.6MB):


Good news is FCCID test is done and VoCore passed the test. From the laboratory, they said they have send the result to the US Federal Communications Commission. If everything goes well, we will get the FCCID next Monday. 🙂 (FCCID is not that easy to pass! The laboratory said some values are almost touch the edge, but VoCore is the final lucky one. I did not get the test result yet, they will send to me once they get the FCCID)

FCC requests me add one line at end of the manual:
Keep this module >20cm from body when WIFI is on.
(Or I will have to do SAR, another test)
I do not worry about the wifi, but the naked RT5350 chip is very hot(60~70C), so we’d better keep 20cm from it. 😀

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  1. MarkusZ

    That’s good news 🙂
    Congratulations for this major milestone!

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