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VoCore2: Wifi driver(mt7628.ko) for LEDE

Finally I success make mediatek wifi driver run on LEDE 🙂 But mediatek do not allow to public the source code, I have to upload it somewhere as blob.

Now I guess a lot of features could unlock now.

1. monitor mode.
LEDE mt76 driver is very slow, but mediatek official driver is fast and stable.

2. more than one ssid.
we can create one ssid named VoCore2 and one named VoCore2-Guest for host and guest. It supports up to 16 ssid.

3. low level wifi control.
normally we use this for certification like FCC, KC…Last time I have to use mediatek openwrt, but now we can directly use LEDE.

VoCore2: Connect to SPI Screen 4

Now the LCD works 🙂

I change CPOL/CHPA from mode 0 to mode 3, that SPI wave shape is correct now.

Also finish a simple app to drive the TFT, refresh full screen from red/green/blue pixel by pixel. Download source code here: tft.c

From my test, the LCD screen max speed is around 3.8MHz (speed=49), can not reach 6MHz, that’s bad news. We can not use it as a game display but only for low frame rate usage — such as digital photo display, display 480×320 picture will take around 1~2 seconds.

Here is the real time video:

I called the following command in this video(tft is compiled from the source):

tft r 49
tft g 49
tft b 49

Power consume is 5V 0.21~0.23A, a little more than 1 watt, 10000mAh battery should make it last over 30 hours. 🙂

Next blog I will update the source code a little to make it display some real photos.