Monthly Archives: May 2015

VoCore: I2S Sound Card WM8960G

Just finished wifi speaker by using WM8960G on VoCore(RT5350F) I will put the process day by day as usual. 🙂

Here is the sch/layout for WM8960G, I left a lot of space for 0ohm, make it easy for debug.
XTAL should be 12MHz oscillator.
Note: one mistake in the sch, I forget to export SPKVDD1, it have to be jump wire connected to SPKVDD2.

Two layers PCB board, cost about 20USD for 5 pieces.

PS: my first choice is ALC5626 from realtek, but their tech support is so stupid! I can not get even its datasheet. They said I have to sign a NDA and contact their distributor, but their phone no answer and email no reply…I will never use realtek chip anymore. Chinese semiconductor company especially Taiwan semiconductor company should be open to developper. is a very good company, I can easily find everything I need on their website, and its driver code is already in linux master source code. 😀

Whatif: Replace flash by GD5F1GQ4UAYIG?

GD5F1GQ4UAYIG is a spi nand flash(Ye, it is NAND!), it can store 4Gbit(512MB) data…Wow, this is much bigger than current NOR flash(only 16MB)
Why not use this one? I will have a try 🙂 It is almost same PCB layout, can be easily replaced.