Daily Archives: 2014-11-09

VoCore: No LuCI 2

Looks like goahead is not a good choice to replace LuCI.
It uses too much space(850KB), maybe memory cost is low, but flash cost is not acceptable.
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.48.35 pm (2)

Also it request librt.so and libpthread.so, that is about 100KB addition flash cost.
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.01.32 pm

I think maybe write a real light weight one is the only choice. We do not need that complex cgi function, we just need a way to transfer data between browser and the server.
Currently vocore.io/store, the trace page is based on a light weight C language web application(I am not good at php, so have to write one in C), it will not be very hard if we just have a simple cgi and do not use https.

VoCore: About Ship Time

Ship will take about 5~40 days. If it takes very long, I suggest to use DHL/UPS/Fedex.
Alpha, average ship time(about 100 packages):

Position         Average Time    Note
Australia 8 days (min 6, max 12)
Austria 10 days No official data.
Belgium 12 days
Brazil 40 days
Bulgaria 14 days
Canada 14 days
Czech Republic 14 days
Denmark 11 days
Finland 14 days
France 10 days
Germany 15 days
Greece 26 days
Hungary 20 days
Israel 22 days
Italy 20 days
Netherlands 10 days
New Zealand 8 days
Norway 17 days
Poland 14 days
Russian Federation 21 days
Spain 36 days
Sweden 30 days
Switzerland 12 days
Taiwan 14 days
Thailand 9 days
Turkey 16 days
United Kingdom 7 days
United States 7 days (min 4, max 14)
Japan 14 days
India 48 days (min 34, max 70)

To US,UK and Asia the speed is acceptable, 90% packages are delivered in one week; To Europe countries, the speed is fair, about two weeks for most of them, but Spain, Greece, Sweden takes very long timeā€¦ Even worse, to Brazil, it takes over a month, due to there is no air plane from China.ShenZhen to Brazil. Better to use DHL/UPS/Fedex if you want it get you fast.