Daily Archives: 2014-08-05

VoCore: SPI & MicroSD 5

I can not make SPI_CS1 work from register, also find the following small line from datasheet(page 87):

So does this mean CS should be only controlled by software but not that SPI_ENABLE register? SPI_ENABLE is just a switch? But how CS0 be controlled? :'( Ahhhh, this kills me, maybe only ralink developer knows how to use it…

I use spi_cs1 as GPIO(thanks to Noltari’s patch) and control it in spi-rt2880.c that driver. Finally, the spi cs1 works. 🙂 this is my spi-rt2880.c.

I read from oscilloscope there is some data send from MOSI to that TF card but TF card just no reply…