Daily Archives: 2014-04-27

Dock for VoCore v0.5

VoCore v0.3 is not that easy to test, so I make a dock for v0.5.
Its size is 2.5×2.5×1.6. Once connect it to VoCore v0.5, the total size of the two will be 2.5×2.5×2.0.



This dock contains three parts.

A: USB1(left bottom) is used for power +5.0V, it should be connected to USB power.
B: USB2(top right) is a full function USB.
C: RJ45(right bottom) is for WLAN/LAN connection, connected to EPHY_P0.

It is not the final version of the dock.

From Apr.23, I kept one of my board running. 🙂