VoCore: Schematic of v1.0a

Schematic: alpha version for VoCore v1.0


If you have any good idea about this sch, feel free to contact me, I am glad to hear from you!

PCB will be open soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “VoCore: Schematic of v1.0a

  1. abcsysabcsys

    I suppose it’s made in EagleCad. If yes, then it’s better to attach EagleCad file.
    Missing pin numbers of U3 (Flash chip) and of course U9,U8 (MT3410 from Chinese spaceship 🙂 ) device name.

  2. abcsysabcsys

    By the way, what is the bargain basement price of MT3410? I’d never seen this chip.

  3. j3qq4hchj3qq4hch

    Please, please, please show us the whole project. I just can’t understand how you managed to make this thing so small

    1. vongervonger Post author

      Ha, please check v0.3 first…v1.0 will be here once it is done

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