VoCore: Ethernet Test 2

Haha, it works now.
Just unplug it from my router, and connect it to my windows PC(really hate mac removed ethernet interface XD).
Data transfer this way:
My House Router (wifi)-> VoCore (ethernet)-> My PC.

VoCore alloced for my win pc.

Now I am sending this blog through the VoCore 🙂 The tests move so smoothly.
Later will watch a movie or do something using heavy network load. And put my phone near it as an interfering signal(that is real, once my phone ring, my HDMI monitor just go black and do not work at all! It is about 20cm from the HDMI cable) to check if there is any problem for high frequent data transfer. I have confidence for that, due to the wire is very short(about 300~400mil) and every data pair length is just same(<10mil, but impedance about 80ohm). vocore.ethernet

2 thoughts on “VoCore: Ethernet Test 2

    1. vongervonger Post author

      0C-xx-xx-xx-xx is from factory setting.
      2C-xx-xx-xx-xx looks like is calculated from 0C-xx-xx-xx-xx, have to read openwrt source code to get how it works.

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