New simple file transfer application for LAN

I find it is very tedious when I  send file from my pc to my board.

The shortest command is scp, but it is not short.

I have to write something like this:

scp 192.168.x.x:someplace/somefile ./somefile

then, input password every time.

I hate that, it is a waste of time.

Another problem is it is hard to transfer file from my windows pc to that board or my linux pc… Best way is to use ftp, but on my board the memory is limited and precious, ftpd will take a lot of memory and never return them. I need some cross platform tools.

So after some struggle, I write a simple application. I called it “wolf”. 🙂 And its real name is vof.

To send one file, it is easy to use:

vof ./somefile

it will show four number code, such as “1234”.
and to get this file, just call this command on the other pc:

vof 1234

then the file is copied into that position through local network safely.

source code:

memory check:
macos: 308KB
windows: 1.6M
linux(x86): 0.2M
linux(mips): 116KB(without upx compress: 88KB)

openwrt do not support get memory usage, just used a trick, run vof, then call “free” or “cat /proc/meminfo”, kill vof then call “free” again, one is 10888KB, one is 11004KB, so vof takes about 116KB.


3 thoughts on “New simple file transfer application for LAN

  1. joyhope

    You could setup the key file, so that scp does not required password to input. It will be test very easy without write your own application.

    1. vongervonger Post author

      ye,that is a good idea, but I have too many boards, that will be a nightmare if I prepare key file for every board. And another problem is I have to create one ssh key every time I flash the openwrt core.

  2. joyhope

    I am not sure for this: Use one key for all your board.
    You just make setup for first time use: use SSH (input your password,), and then upload the keyfile. In next time, there is no password required for you.

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