cam264: first version

(VoCore’s h264 USB HD camera)

It is done :)
Still have some weird issues. Need time to check and fix.

9 thoughts on “cam264: first version

  1. Cool! I’d like to try one of these. Any news on if/when they will be available?

    1. :) It will take one or two month to be ready.
      But for batch production, first I need to get at least 200pcs order, maybe crowd funding again.

    1. I will open sch and pcb.
      BTW, VoCore is open hardware but not OSHW, I do not fully agree with that OSHW(I do not even know OSHW until somebody use that rule command me, really tired)

  2. What parameters of the camera? it is interesting to look at quality of a picture from it

    1. camera chip is OV9712, a common sensor can be find in market.
      It is just a module without lens yet.
      :) once I get the photo, will upload.

      1. What asic you use for control OV9712 and convert raw data into h264 stream through usb?

        1. it is a very common chip like RT5350 in market, made in Taiwan, China.
          :) I can not tell you more now, you can have a guess.

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