VoCore: Solder or NOT?

The package of VoCore contains some female connectors, if solder that on the pin holes, you can plug wire into it, so make the VoCore pin holes life longer.

But due to most of people do not have such skill to solder that 1.27mm connector: it request a fast/stable hand and a low temperature iron(better <= 200C). Wrong operation might damage the board permanently. VoCore is NOT similar like Arduino, it is much more complex and precise than Arduino, every move must be very careful, even harder than repair a phone. I suggest to boot your VoCore as my two tutorials: http://vonger.cn/?p=1547 http://vonger.cn/?p=1536 I have used that USB DIY wire a long time, it always works well, and will never damage VoCore. The pin hole is Au + Cu, like golden fingers, so it should not that easy be oxidised.

One thought on “VoCore: Solder or NOT?

  1. joyhope

    I suggest to supply special power cable: 2.54 connect and USB type A.

    So it is easy to use normal USB charger to power on the vonger.cn. It will create the simple solution for the user.

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