Let’s Talk About Hardware Design

Today I find some interesting, my android test phone: a white XiaoMi4 can not read SIM. I am using it to communicate with VoCore through GSM/3G/4G internet to test Cloud service( will public later 🙂 ), so I change SIM card frequently. Unfortunately, this new phone, after about several times SIM plug in/plug out, it can not read SIM anymore.

This is the XiaoMi phone:

This is my old test phone:

This is iPhone6

Can you find the difference?
iPhone 6 and my old test phone SIM card metal pads are at bottom once installed, but XiaoMi is at top. So if your plug in/plug out some more, once the SIM card is not that flat, it will broken the phone’s SIM pin.

From this small issue, we know, hardware design is an true art. Every detail must consider carefully. Apple is really good at this 🙂 XiaoMi copy the surface, but not the inside…shame.