VoCore & Intel Edison & MT7688

Two days busy on the shipping and dealing with factory about the dock assemble test, here are some news:

First News:
Intel Edison comes.

I made a simple compare 🙂

VoCore Win
VoCore -> 25.6 x 25.6 x 3.4;
Edison -> 35.5 x 25.0 x 3.9;

VoCore -> 1.8V 200mA, 3.3V 300mA;
Edison -> 1.8V 100mA, 3.3V 100mA;

VoCore -> 3.3V ~ 6.0V
Edison -> 3.3V ~ 4.5V

VoCore -> 20USD
Edison -> 50USD

Edison Win
Edison: x86 x 2, 1GB memory
VoCore: MIPS, 32MB memory

Edison: BlueTooth
VoCore: N/A

Edison: 4GB eMMC
VoCore: 16MB SPI Flash

VoCore -> 5V, 200mA
Edison -> 3.3V, 300mA

VoCore -> passed, without shell
Edison -> passed, with shell

I am so happy my VoCore still have some points beat the Intel Edison 😀 VoCore is totally open source, but I think Intel will never do that.

Second News:
MT7688 is coming, I heard some rumours, the final chip has two versions, one with 8MB memory(not enough 🙁 ), one without memory, speed is same as MT7620, 580MHz, but power consume is 0.6watt(is this greater than AR9331’s 0.5watt?)