VoCore Screen: Update with Raspberry Pi

I have updated the screen SDK and ADD RASPBERRY PI support, it is in SDK named lib/raspi/libvodisp.so

Like all other linux system, raspberry pi must use root to send data through USB…my raspberryPi is very slow(maybe it is because its index is zero, power consume is pretty high…1 watt+ 🙂

Currently SDK already has base function to show something on the screen, but still left a lot to do…

1. More Color Mode Support: 8bit colors, 16bit colors

enable this to support more games with less CPU, such as NEOGEO/FC, etc…

2. Linux Kernel Driver(fbcon)

enable this to enable console data directly output to screen and a real frame buffer function.

3. Rotated/Mirror Support

hardware support for fast convert speed.

4. RGB/BGR Pixel Order

5. Backlight PWM Control

6. Touch Screen

Hopefully once I finish step 1 and 2 in a few weeks, I can open source the kernel code. Currently this core firmware code is write by C and ASM and it is very ugly(or tricky) anyway I do not plan to open source it. But I will provide blob(vodisp.ko) with detailed documentation and interfaces later.

Actually the interface of vodisp.ko is pretty simple, just two, one is used to setting up the chip — I call it “connect” or “open”, another is used to send RGB or BGR pixel data from USB to screen, I call it “write”.

Emm, I guess we can use standard C interface for driver: open/close/write/ioctl, ioctl is good enough do the setting up job 🙂