VoCore2: Port mt7628.ko to LuCI 2

Keep study 🙂

This is the /etc/config/wireless from old version vocore2(Linux 3.18) which is working well with uci system. Thanks to its contributors. It is from Linkit.

config wifi-device	radio0
	option type     ralink
	option variant	mt7628
	option country	CN
	option hwmode	11g
	option htmode	HT40
	option channel  auto
	option disabled	0

config wifi-iface ap
	option device   radio0
	option mode	ap
	option network  lan
	option ifname   ra0
	option ssid	VoCore2
	option encryption none 

config wifi-iface sta
	option device   radio0
	option mode	sta
	option network  wwan
	option ifname   apcli0
	option led 	mediatek:orange:wifi
	option ssid	UplinkAp
	option key	SecretKey
	option encryption psk
	option disabled	1

Note: this file is generated by /lib/wifi/ralink.sh:detect_ralink

Now we can add some log to /lib/netifd/wireless/ralink.sh, check how it read the file and how it call the driver to setup the connection.

It is a pretty long script…

If my last blog is correct, it will call “enable_ralink” … what? no such function…
OK, let’s add some log to it. In every function head, we can add “echo xxxxxx_function >> /tmp/vocore2.log”, it will show the called function name into vocore2.log.

But nothing show in the file…so it is not used at all!

How it works? just a mystery.

Emm, it won’t help, get rid of it, let’s check openwrt with mt76 script, that one works without hack.

No luck today, try tomorrow.

To be continue…