Monthly Archives: August 2021

Screen: hardware upgrade

We are going to have first big hardware upgrade for the driver board. Upgrade from version v7a to v7b and v10a to v10b.

New features and changes:

  1. increase backlight brightness, from approx. 300lu to 400lu.
  2. fit new version 4.3inch screen and later possible new model 4inch screen.
  3. increase stable, solder protect diode directly on board.
  4. increase stable, add write protect signal to eeprom to avoid software mistake write.
  5. change SMT pad size and shape for easy mount on other PCB board.
  6. change SMT pad silkscreen text from “+”, “-” to “DP”, “DM”.
  7. change 8p FPC connector to increase its usage life time.
  8. v10b use purple PCB to avoid confuse with green PCB v7b.
  9. PCB board thickness from 0.8mm to 1mm, increase physics strength.
  10. other small changes to increase USB stable and lower power consume.

Expect new driver boards will come at early of Sep 🙂

Screen: Glass is really easy to break…

Recently we get report about some screens are broken. The bad one looks like this:

It shows some unexpected line on screen. When we get the returned screen, and find its driver chip is broken…

From the picture, I find its inside chip is so thin, and looks like made by glass, I think it should be Silicon, used to driver every line on the screen 🙂

For DIYer, please be very careful when install this part, only 0.2mm so it can not stand any force. We will also be very careful when package them.