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UBOOT: fix brick by UART + Ethernet

It is very slow to upload firmware by “0: Load system code then write to Flash via SERIAL.”

I find another way, “8: Start Web Server to load system code.”, only take few seconds(40~60s).

Here is its log 🙂 Anyway we do not need to care about it, only need to press 8 at start up.

After press 8, we can connect to VoCore uboot web page from remote computer now. Make sure your computer and VoCore are connected by ethernet cable.

Your computer side: need to setup your computer ip address to, mask and default gateway to, remember disable DHCP and setup manually.

(Here miss some pictures, clever reader please help yourself)

Then open browser to address, you will see the upgrade page, choose upgrade file(normally VoCore2 upgrade firmware named YYYYmmdd(V).bin) then click on “Upload”(on VoCore2 part it will show Loading … and its progress), around 1minute, load done and VoCore will reboot automatically.

(Here also miss some pictures … it is late here, sweet bed … )

Good Luck :’)


PS: the original web upgrade page is ugly, I will try to make it better ( for me, at least )

Patch LuCI for VoCore2

Firmware link:

1. Click on “Scan”, it will show nearby access point, this mode is STA only, better to setting up in Point 2 to enable AP + STA.

2. Click Point 2, go to wireless setting.

In “General Setup” page, input your AP SSID.

Then in “Wireless Security”, setup your password, currently only WPA2 supported.

3. After that, click “Save & Apply”, then enable STA mode, wait around 10 seconds, setting up completed, now your VoCore can access internet.

mt76 or mt7628?

Currently openwrt has an opensource driver mt76, I have a study about it, every line of its code is very clear and beautiful, so it should be easy to replace official mt7628 with this one, unfortunately, I find it is very hard to understand its registers(mtk did not document any of that registers) so I can not setting up its interfaces unless do some hack 🙂

There is another way, enable cfg80211 in mt7628, I find it has some code about cfg80211, but I enable it in makefile, it can not work at all 🙂 guess it is not well tested…