Monthly Archives: February 2017

PoE Version Ready

Finally find the problem, it is simple and stupid, I place an electrolytic capacitor at wrong direction… 🙂

Continue do more test…Hopefully tomorrow I will get good result.

PS: we contacted the factory about the lite version, sadly, they find the sample is not work, reason is simple,  crystal and a capacitor are short circuit, have to delay two days.

VoCore2: Process..

Good news is VoCore2 Lite batch almost done 🙂 The factory will start test them tomorrow,  and we can ship all of them in this month.

Bad news is I get a lot of trouble when develop the PoE version… The heat, the strong EMC all solved but still something wrong.. Just feel like back to the noob time. :'(

I know, you know, everybody knows, as a developer,  we always have couple of days every month — everywhere is a dead end…

Hope this pass soooon…

This is also why I love this job.

can not write anymore…work, work 🙂

VoCore2 Firmware: Compile from Source

How stupid I am… I could do this months ago. Just remove the folder named bin, staging_dir, build_dir, dl, then compress, the source code is small enough to download.


1. install Ubuntu 14.04 64bit Server to Virtual Machine.

2. in virtualbox, we will need install some packages to compile openwrt:

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ binutils patch bzip2 flex bison make autoconf gettext texinfo unzip sharutils subversion libncurses5-dev ncurses-term zlib1g-dev libssl-dev python

3. download openwrt at

4. call “tar -jxvf openwrt.tar.bz2” to uncompress the package.

5. call “make menuconfig” in the openwrt folder, configure openwrt in menu, choose MT7688/28/VoCore2 in menu.

6. call “make” in the openwrt folder, start the make process


PS: recently I have no word about the lame post carrier…